The Results Are In: Fire Corps Member Survey

Saturday, 14 October 2006

In August, Fire Corps conducted its first survey of registered Fire Corps programs. The survey enabled the Fire Corps national office to collect important data on existing Fire Corps programs, such as how departments are using Fire Corps across the nation, what benefits departments have gained from having Fire Corps, and what barriers they have encountered in implementing the Fire Corps program.

Over 100 departments responded to this initial 21-question survey. The data collected will be used by the Fire Corps national office to develop new Fire Corps tools and resources and to define goals and objectives for the program. Beginning with this first survey, the Fire Corps Member Survey will be conducted once a year.

So how are fire and emergency service departments using Fire Corps across the nation? Survey results show that Fire Corps programs assist fire and EMS departments by helping out with special projects (66%), conducting fire prevention and life safety education (54%), assisting with fundraising efforts (46%), and performing administrative tasks for the department (45%), among others.

Reported benefits to implementing a Fire Corps program include the ability to provide more programs and services (56%), increased community support (52%), and more time for operational staff to train and respond to calls (41%). Barriers encountered by departments implementing Fire Corps include generating program awareness (51%), recruiting volunteers (46%), and getting financial support for Fire Corps activities (45%), among others.

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