Organization Contact Information:
Community Assistance Response Team
Community Assistance Response Team
1618 N. Rebecca
Spokane, Washington 99217
(509) 625-7002

Program Contact Information:
Chief Brian Schaeffer
(509) 625-7002 (Phone)

Program Activities:
Special Projects
Fundraising Initiatives
Grant Writing
Incident Report/Data Management

Program Description:
The Community Assistance Response Team (CARES) collaborates with the Spokane Fire Department (SFD) and emergency responders to help vulnerable populations who face barriers in identifying and utilizing appropriate community resources. CARES also seeks to decrease 9-1-1 over use, decrease on-scene time for engine companies and level of frustration with front line crews. Communication with the Fire Department and other agencies allows CARES to promote diversity awareness, understanding, and inclusiveness for both the individuals served and those providing services. CARES assists these individuals by connecting them with appropriate resources that address their immediate, short term, and long term needs. The CARES program aims at solving community problems by enhancing independent living for seniors or individuals with disabilities, increasing access to healthcare and social service needs, participate in organizing the community around issues that are important to a broad sector of Spokane City, all while promoting diversity awareness, understanding, and inclusiveness.

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