Organization Contact Information:
Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire And Rescue Department
Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire And Rescue Department
2148 Gallows Road
Box 13
Dunn Loring, Virginia 22043
(703) 560-9413

Program Contact Information:
Andrew Eastman
(703) 560-9413
(703) 560-9155 (Fax)

Program Activities:

Program Description:
The Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is one of the 15 volunteer stations, who in combination with 20 County stations, provide emergency fire and medical services to Fairfax County. In Fairfax County all fire stations are staffed by County personnel 24 hours a day. Volunteers play a key role in providing supplemental staffing and additional emergency units to the County. Each volunteer fire department provides a financial benefit to the County by purchasing emergency vehicles and equipment. In addition some provide property and facilities. Currently, 42% of the fire suppression units and 48% of the EMS (emergency medical services) units in Fairfax County are volunteer owned.

Administrative members are the behind-the-scenes heroes who provide vital assistance that helps the operational members perform their duties and help keep the fire stations alive. Administrative members do bookkeeping, fund-raising and building maintenance; basically anything that will help.

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