Fire Corps appreciates your dedication, support, and enthusiasm in helping others as a State Advocate. Fire Corps relies on State Advocates to accomplish many goals at the state and local levels. These include generating awareness of the program at the state and local level, developing partnerships, assisting new and existing programs, and serving as an invaluable resource to both state and local Citizen Corps Councils.

As a State Advocate, you may be asked to fulfill the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Create awareness of Fire Corps and its mission, opportunities, and benefits within the state.
  • Contact key organizations concerning Fire Corps, such as state organizations supporting the fire service, community organizations, volunteer programs, etc.
  • Work directly with representatives from the State Citizen Corps Councils.
  • Coordinate with the 1-800-FIRE-LINE statewide contact.
  • Facilitate ability to promote and market Fire Corps through newsletters, advertising, trade shows, and presentation opportunities.
  • Serve as the initial point-of-contact for local Fire Corps programs.
  • Monitor progress and challenges at the local level.
  • Report Fire Corps activities, innovative practices, and challenges to the national office.
  • Forward photos, articles, or media attention concerning Fire Corps to the national office.
  • Encourage departments to register their non-emergency volunteer programs with Fire Corps.

With your help, Fire Corps can be stronger than ever. If you have any questions regarding your roles or responsibilities as a State Advocate, contact the Fire Corps national office at 1-888-FC-INFO1 (324-6361) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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