Five Mission Viejo Grads Participate in Countywide Exercise

Friday, 07 October 2011

From: City of Mission Viejo, CA

Five members from Mission Viejo's Community Emergency Preparedness Academy (CEPA) trained with other Orange County Citizen Corps volunteer groups this week in the 2011 Citizen Preparedness Exercise, enhancing their skills to improve community emergency preparedness and response to a major flooding event.

Mission Viejo CEPA graduates James Peredo, Jennifer Frye, Susan Wilson, Denise Brady and Christopher Scott took part in the exercise with members of CERT, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), Fire Corps, Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and Neighborhood Watch. They performed hands-on and classroom activities like search and rescue, triage and treatment, water diversion, radio communications, traffic control and other actions associated with flooding hazards.

"The 2011 Citizen Preparedness Exercise provides a unique opportunity for volunteer groups to cross-train on various response capabilities that will allow them to team up for coordinated responses within their community," said Donna Boston, emergency manager at the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Many were touched by keynote speaker Holly Johnston, a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) coordinator in Missouri. After the deadly Joplin, Missouri tornado in May, Johnston provided solid leadership and exemplary direction for Citizen Corps volunteer groups and first responders.

"Citizen Corps volunteers help their communities prepare, prevent and respond to any emergency we might face; their preparedness efforts complement and support local first responders' efforts to create a safe and strong community," said Anaheim Fire Chief Randy Bruegman. "We are grateful for their spirit of volunteerism, sense of community and eagerness to help others."

For information about Mission Viejo's CEPA, call 949-470-8433 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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