Fire Corps Receives $3K for Fire Dept. Education

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

From: Georgia Sentinel

Members of the Towns County Fire Corps were pleased to present a check for $3,000 to Fire Chief Mitch Floyd to go into the Fire Department Education Fund. The check came to Fire Corps from Chairman & CEO John W. Baldridge of the Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation.

Several Fire Corps and Fire Department members recently worked with two members of Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation’s California office, Carl Podella, Executive V.P. of Research & Development, and Chris Slaughter, Director of Business Development, Southern Region, on new, breakthrough technologies that will offer user safety, are cost effective and environmentally positive products for fire control. Fire Corps member and Vice President Dr. Bill Wendel has been associated with Advance BioCatalytics Corporation as a research and development coordinator for 20 years and is a co-developer of this fire-retardant material.

In his letter of thanks that accompanied his company’s check, Mr. Baldridge said, “Quite frankly, this was the best example of such groups coming together for a common cause that I have seen happen since World War II days or the 9/11 tragedy.”

We thank Mr. Baldridge for his kind words and his generous check.

Towns County Fire Corps is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose goal is to work behind the scenes to aid our mostly volunteer fire/rescue department.

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