Coca-Cola Helps Firefighters

Thursday, 23 August 2012

By Mike Harris, Mountain News

Making sure Crest Forest firefighters don't get dehydrated while battling fires became a community effort recently.

“We were down to our last few cases of (electrolyte drink) and we were pretty low on bottled water,” said Chuck Wells, Crest Forest Fire Corps coordinator.

So Wells made a few calls to community businesses to see if they could help.

“Crest Forest Fire Support Services approached us about getting some electrolyte drinks for the firefighters, as they were running low,” said Mike Johnstone, manager for Goodwin's Market in Crestline. “We approached Coca Cola and our local Coke representative, Kenny Spindler, and he was able to round up a pallet of powdered-form Powerade.”

Kenny Spindler is the son of former Crest Forest Fire District board member Robert Spindler.

Coca-Cola made the pallet delivery to Goodwin's Market on March 16. Wells and other representatives, including Johnstone and Ken Spindler, were on hand for the delivery.

Coca-Cola's donation ended up being 20 cases of 16-count powder form Powerade electrolyte drink. Each unit makes two gallons, so the total donation is enough to make 320 gallons of the drink.

The donation is very timely, since Crest Forest Fire Protection District's annual budget had to significantly reduce funding for rehydration products.

Wells said this is the second major community gift to support firefighters.

About six weeks ago, Virginia Paleno, a Realtor with Capre in Old Town Crestline, heard at a Crestline Connect breakfast meeting that the firefighters were needing water.

“I sent out an email blast to my contact list, and a friend at Arrowhead Springs Water responded,” said Paleno.

Arrowhead Springs Water donated two pallets of bottled water, Wells said.

“We're back to having what we need in terms of rehydration products,” Wells said. “We appreciate the community helping us out.” 

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