Volunteer Fire Departments Ask for More Community Support

Friday, 20 December 2013

By Karen Franklin, WOAY TV 50

BRADLEY - A Raleigh County volunteer fire department struggling with increasing demands and reduced funding is asking for help from the public to meet requirements.

 The Bradley-Prosperity Volunteer Fire Department is asking the community to provide non-emergency assistance with administrative, mechanical and janitorial tasks. The department handles as many as 400 calls a year, and volunteers would help take the burden off its emergency personnel, according to firefighters.

 "We have increased demands over the years," Asst. Chief Bobby Palmer told WOAY. "It seems that the fire service has grown more and more in responsibility of what they expect the fire service to respond to. It used to be people knew the fire department to only respond to fires."

 Officials would also like to correct the misconception that volunteering requires a lot of time.

 Chris Wolf is a member of the Fire Corps, which is a national grassroots effort to increase the capacity of response departments through community volunteers.

 "Come and join," Fire Corps member Chris Wold said. "If they cannot fight fires, they can help out around the office."

 Anyone interested is encouraged to stop by the fire department or call 1-800 FIRE LINE.

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