Pennsylvania Reserve Corps Recruiting Volunteers

Thursday, 23 December 2010

From Westmoreland Times

Pennsylvania Reserve Corps announced a new campaign to recruit Lancaster County adults in an effort to improve emergency preparedness, public health, and safety.

Pennsylvania Reserve Corps is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to serving the people of Pennsylvania. The organization is comprised of men and women, military veterans and civilians, skilled professionals and students, who are committed to maintaining, protecting, and improving the community.

Dr. Neil Kline, the director of the organization, explains that the team has three primary focuses: emergency response, health and wellness education, and general community humanitarianism. PA Reserve Corps provides support and augments the capacity of local and state emergency responders and federal emergency services in the event of a mass casualty event. The organization also promotes health and wellness through community outreach programs.

Pennsylvania Reserve Corps is registered with the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Medical Reserve Corps and FEMA’s Fire Corps. It is sponsored by the Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency.

The organization also promotes health and wellness through community outreach programs. This is accomplished by identifying health and safety risks in the community, promoting healthy lifestyles through education, and making recommendations to local, county, and state officials. In this effort, PA Reserve Corps is working with the Partnership for Public Health in Lancaster County, which is an initiative to fill the void of the County’s absent public health department.

Kline explains that every person has skills and abilities that can make a difference. Members are encouraged to help by participating in ways that interest them. This may involve the utilization of a member’s specific skills, or may involve training in fields that match members’ new interests. PA Reserve Corps believes that periodic training, and cross-training in other fields is imperative in creating capable and engaged members that want to make a difference. Members may volunteer as much or as little as they desire.

Members have many opportunities to learn diverse new skills in the medical, fire, rescue, security and safety, technology, communications, and other fields. Members learn from physicians, nurses, EMT’s, Fire and police professionals, military veterans, FCC communications operators, and others.

To find out more information about the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, or to become a volunteer member, visit


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