Hernando County Fire Corps Donates Time To Southeast Family Motor Coach Rally

Sunday, 06 February 2011

From: RealNewsFast.com

Hernando County Fire Corps provided 20 team members who contributed over 367 man hours of stand-by first aid services to the Southeast Family Motor Coach Rally which took place at the Hernando County Airport.The rally began on January 31st and ended February 5th. There were 1163 Motor Coaches taking part in this years rally. In addition to the coaches, several of the days had over 400 day passes issued to the event. There where also 206 vendors particapting at the rally. The Corps worked very closely with the Rally’s Safety Officer to respond to any situation which may occur. The services provided included routine patrols of the grounds, assisting in basic first aid procedures for several minor incidents, participated in the Rally’s parade and maintained a remote team at the entertainment events. We are always looking for a few more good men and women to join our team, please visit us at www.hernandocountyfirecorps.org to learn more about who we are and what we do in the County.


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