Be Prepared During Hurricane Season

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Although hurricane season began on June 1, most hurricanes occur from mid-August to late October. As we enter into the busiest time of hurricane season, it is important that your fire department, Fire Corps team, and community are ready. Weather experts are predicting that this will be an active year. 

Fire departments and communities in high-risk areas should have a plan in place before a hurricane strikes to avoid or lesson potential disaster. Fire Corps programs can help departments by ensuring the community is prepared in the event of a disaster. Educate residents on how to prepare for a storm, how to stay safe, and how to evacuate.

The National Volunteer Fire Council has compiled a Hurricane Preparedness Resource Center to help fire and EMS departments make sure their communities are ready. Access the Resource Center at . You can also find a variety of resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency at and from the Ready campaign at

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