Fire Corps National Preparedness Month Update - Americans with Disabilities

Friday, 10 August 2007

July 26 marked the 17th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was signed into law in 1990 to guarantee equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities. To recognize the needs of this important part of the population, Fire Corps has added a section to its Fire Corps National Preparedness Month Resource Center to provide Fire Corps teams with information regarding emergency preparedness for those with disabilities.

People with disabilities are often at greater risk during an emergency situation, but Fire Corps programs can play an important role in assisting these individuals in preparing for emergencies. These include creating disaster supply kits, gathering data on individuals to help emergency responders locate individuals with disabilities, installing smoke alarms for the hearing-impaired, and spreading awareness.

Fire Corps would also like to encourage people with disabilities to volunteer with their local Fire Corps program. As a volunteer, these individuals can assist the Fire Corps program and fire/EMS department in gaining a better understanding of the specific needs of those with disabilities in times of crises. These individuals can perform an unlimited number of Fire Corps tasks, such as fire prevention education, fundraising, event planning, and more.

Visit the Fire Corps National Preparedness Month Resource Center to learn how Fire Corps programs can help the community, including those with disabilities, prepare for their own emergencies, as well as those of their neighbors.

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