Fire Corps Releases Educational Curriculum Webinars

Saturday, 09 August 2008

Fire Corps enables community members to make a difference in their local fire and EMS department by assisting in non-emergency roles and increasing the department’s capacity to provide critical services. The Fire Corps national office, in partnership with, has created a series of five webinar modules to help fire and EMS department personnel start, implement, and expand a local Fire Corps program.

Module 1: Introduction to Fire Corps explains the basics of Fire Corps and will prepare you to start building a local program.

Module 2: Implementing and Sustaining a Fire Corps Program is designed to help you establish and maintain a Fire Corps program in your department.

Module 3: Department Resources provides you with detailed information, documents, and resources to start, maintain, and grow your Fire Corps program.

Module 4: Recruiting and Retaining Fire Corps Volunteers will help you establish a pool of community members to assist with the department’s non-emergency tasks and also help you discover a variety of ways to keep them actively involved.

Module 5: Innovative Practices offers examples of innovative practices from local Fire Corps programs across the nation.

In these five webinars you will find valuable information about how Fire Corps can help increase your department’s services, gain insight for managing your volunteers, network with existing programs to expand your activities, and discover how community members and departments nationwide are benefiting from Fire Corps.

The webinars are free and can be accessed simply by going to, clicking on the desired module, and filling out a brief registration form. Learn more about Fire Corps at is dedicated to serving the fire community by providing firefighters with the most complete range of information and resources available. In a profession where lives depend on thorough knowledge and training, it is vital that these individuals have a single, comprehensive resource to keep them informed about the most current fire news, products, and technology and help them easily locate timely research and analysis.

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