2008 Fire Corps Survey Receives Record Response

Monday, 20 October 2008

Each year, the Fire Corps national office conducts a survey to collect important data from local programs, such as how departments are using Fire Corps, the benefits of and barriers to local programs, and how local programs evaluate the resources and tools offered by the national office. The 2008 survey was open for one month and received a record 200 responses. A summary of the results follows:

Nearly all Fire Corps programs report being linked with a fire/EMS department, but a few are associated with other organizations such as hospitals or state associations. The majority of the programs (37 percent) categorized their departments as volunteer, with combination departments being a close second.

About half of the Fire Corps programs reported having less than ten volunteers, and nearly a quarter reported between 11 and 20 volunteers. About three-fourths of respondents said that their volunteers contributed up to 1,000 hours in the last year.

As in 2007, the majority of Fire Corps volunteers assist with administrative duties, public education, and special events. Overall, the number of Fire Corps programs targeting specific populations, such as through fire prevention programming, is up, with youth and senior citizens still being the most commonly targeted groups.

Over a quarter of the Fire Corps programs reported that their fire/EMS organizations have had more opportunities for grant funding this year than in prior years because of the Fire Corp program. More than half of all respondents report that benefits of having a Fire Corps program include: an increase in community support, community recognition, and the ability to provide more programs and services.

While most fire/EMS organizations learned about Fire Corps through the Fire Corps web site, conferences/events, Citizen Corps Councils, and word of mouth, there is a rise in the number who learned about it through State Advocates, government officials, and other Fire Corps programs.

View the complete survey results.

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