Fire Corps National Advisory Committee Meets

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Fire Corps National Advisory Committee (NAC) met on November 10 at the Fire Corps national office in Greenbelt, MD. The NAC, which is comprised of representatives from many national fire and emergency service organizations as well as other prominent leaders in the industry, came together to provide expertise and guidance for Fire Corps’ future activities and to discuss the direction of the program.

The 2008 Award of Excellence was presented during the meeting to Macomb Township Fire Department. Sgt. Dwayne Thompson and Fire Corps members Tracy Kaye and John Halsey were present to receive the award. Macomb Township Fire Chief Robert Phillips was unable to attend, but he sent a video message in which he expressed his gratitude for receiving the inaugural award. Sgt. Thompson also played several of the department’s recruitment public service announcements and spoke about how their Fire Corps program began and how it is moving forward.

Other guest speakers included Karen Marsh, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Acting Director of the Community Preparedness Division, and Claire Reiss from the Public Entity Risk Institute. Marsh discussed Citizen Corps, its current initiatives, and the optimistic future of all Citizen Corps programs to expand under the new administration. Reiss, who was contracted by Fire Corps to research liability issues that face departments regarding Fire Corps volunteers, discussed the findings of her study, and provided suggestions for the future.

Sarah Lee, Acting Fire Corps Director, updated the NAC of the progress Fire Corps has made since its last meeting. Lori Moon, Fire Corps Program Coordinator, reported on the status of the Fire Corps State Advocate Network. Currently Fire Corps has 52 State Advocates covering 31 states. Kari Wood, Program Coordinator, highlighted Fire Corps best practices and the results from the 2008 Fire Corps survey. Following the speakers, the NAC provided ideas about possible corporate sponsorships and nonprofit partnerships to expand the program and ensure future success.

“Our NAC members provided an incredible amount of guidance and brought many new ideas to the table,” Lee said of the meeting. “We are very grateful for their input and for their commitment to ensure the success of Fire Corps for years to come.”

Click here to view a list of organizations that comprise the Fire Corps NAC. Fire Corps is administered through the National Volunteer Fire Council and is supported by several affiliate organizations including the United States Fire Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and Citizen Corps. Learn more about Fire Corps.

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