Emergency Alerts Keep Your Community Informed

Thursday, 22 January 2009

When a disaster or widespread emergency occurs in your area, how quickly will the citizens of your community be alerted to the situation? Slow or delayed communication can now be an issue of the past thanks to advances in technology. Cities, towns, and even college campuses around the country are utilizing technology that automatically sends emergency alerts to people who are registered with the alert system.

How it works:
A special technology system allows the administrators to set up messages in advance for particular emergency situations, such as a tornado warning, which are then ready to be sent out as soon as that emergency situation occurs. The system also allows messages to be created and sent out on the spot. The messages can be sent in the form of verbal recordings to telephone numbers or as text messages to cellular phones, e-mail addresses, handheld devices, fax machines, and more. The most sophisticated systems allow the administrators to target their alerts to people in certain areas or city blocks.

Types of alerts:
Many systems are designed to allow individuals to choose which categories of alerts they receive, but the following are some examples of typical categories:

  • Weather warnings

  • Hurricane updates

  • Natural disasters

  • Hazardous material incidents

  • Terrorist attacks

  • Major traffic complications

  • Bomb threats

Implement a system in your area:
Bring the idea to the table with your local emergency management office, police department, and other related organizations to determine whether it is financially possible for your area to obtain such a system. These systems are generally quite expensive; however, they can increase the safety of citizens. To learn more or obtain a quote, contact local or national emergency communication network providers.

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