Michigan to Air Fire Corps PSAs in May

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Next month, many citizens in Michigan will learn about Fire Corps thanks to Comcast, Fire Corps State Advocate Sgt. Dwayne Thompson of Macomb (MI) Township Fire Department, and Macomb Fire Corps member Dr. David McFadden. Comcast, the country’s largest provider of cable services, worked with Thompson and McFadden to develop public service announcements (PSAs) free-of-charge in order to help expand the Fire Corps program statewide and bring vehicle safety tips to the community. Both PSAs will air in Michigan in May.

The first PSA, featuring Thompson, urges interested citizens to learn more about Fire Corps and get involved by visiting www.firecorps.org or calling 1-800-FIRE-LINE. To view the 30-second PSA, or to download it for use in your community, click here.

The second PSA, featuring McFadden, focuses on the importance of wearing a seat belt and uses visuals of crash test dummies to bring the message to life. This is a great example of how a Fire Corps team can use PSAs to impart critical safety messages to the community and make their neighbors’ lives safer. Contact your local media outlets or cable provider to find out if they would be willing to donate airplay for your Fire Corps team to deliver a similar message. To view or use this PSA, click here.

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