A Day of Fire Prevention: Macomb Township Fire Department and Fire Corps

Wednesday, 04 November 2009

On October 20, Macomb Township Fire Department held their inaugural “Day of Fire Prevention.” This was the department’s marquee public education event of the year, with more than 200 attendees present during the four-hour event. The day consisted of fire safety stations/booths, demonstrations, and family fun.

The highlight of the day was the Side-by-Side Live Burn Demonstration, which was created using information obtained from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. Two identical 8’x8’ furnished rooms were set ablaze, one of which had a residential fire sprinkler installed and one of which did not. It was a powerful live demonstration to show the danger of fire and the effectiveness of a residential sprinkler system.

Holding this successful community event required hard work and assistance from within the Township as well as from surrounding communities. For example:

  • Home Depot of Macomb Township donated the material to build the side-by-side rooms at a cost of almost $800.

  • Dakota High School Construction Trades built the rooms, delivered them to the site, and set them up.

  • Professional Furniture Services of Mt. Clemens delivered and donated two complete rooms of furniture, had employees available to assist with the set-up of the side-by-side rooms and fire safety stations (moving tables, etc.), and assisted with clean-up.

  • Select Restoration of Fraser donated carpeting, assisted with the set-up of the fire safety stations, and had employees available to assist with clean-up.

  • Ron’s Carpet and Design of Clinton Township provided the installation of the carpeting.

  • Halsey Allstate of Macomb Township created sign-up sheets for the attendees to receive more information, made copies of pamphlets to distribute to the public, and donated Halloween bags, candy, and coloring books.

  • Macomb Township Recreation Center leant an amplifier, microphone, and speaker system for the event.

  • Macomb Township Broadcast Media Department provided video coverage of the event.

  • Macomb Township Fire Corps assisted with set-up and clean-up, provided the personnel to staff the fire safety stations, led tours of the station, and took photos.

  • A member of the Macomb Township Fire Corps served as an event coordinator prior to the event and staffed the Fire Corps recruiting booth during the event.

  • The Fire Corps national office donated a backdrop and handout materials.

  • Macomb Township Fire Department staff worked on set-up and clean-up, served as guides, and was responsible for the fire operations and the safety of the participants during the demonstration.

The Macomb Township Fire Corps figured prominently in the day’s events. Macomb Township’s Fire Corps Manager and MI Fire Corps State Advocate Sgt. Dwayne Thompson said, “When I looked around at what was taking place I thought, ‘this was exactly what Fire Corps was meant to do.’ I could not have been any prouder!” In all, 12 members of the Macomb Township Fire Corps assisted during the event.

Fire Corps members helped with plans, set-up, and gathering donations before the event. One Fire Corps member even conducted interviews and research to learn the history of the Macomb Township Fire Department in order to give guided tours through the station. Fire Corps members also staffed the booths during the events. This allowed the department’s firefighters to concentrate on the operation of fire extinguishment during the event.

All of the volunteers and visitors left the event feeling as though they took part in something special. Macomb Township Fire Corps member Claudette Ginter describes the good feeling as “receiving a paycheck” for all of the training and meetings attended through the year. Plans have already begun for next year’s event.

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