Utilize Junior Firefighter Program Resources for your Fire Corps Team

Wednesday December 16th, 2009

Your Fire Corps team or department can increase volunteer efforts by developing a junior firefighter program. The National Junior Firefighter Program offers resources to help you start, expand, or recruit for a local junior firefighter program. Junior programs give young people the chance to learn about local fire, rescue, and emergency medical services response organizations in a safe, controlled, educational, and fun way while providing departments with an excellent recruitment mechanism. Reaching out to people when they are young has long-range effects, and encouraging youth to take part in the emergency services is extremely beneficial to local communities and departments.

Junior firefighters can help implement Fire Corps activities as well as participate in training activities to help them develop skills such as leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. As adults, these junior firefighters will hopefully stay connected to the fire service, either as first responders, Fire Corps members, or community supporters of the department.

If the members of your Fire Corps program already work with youth volunteers in a non-emergency capacity, then it qualifies as a junior firefighter program and can register with the National Junior Firefighter Program for free. Youth programs can belong to both Fire Corps and the National Junior Firefighter Program to have access to even more resources and information for further developing the program.

The National Junior Firefighter Program offers resources and tools to help departments start and manage a local program, as well as for recruitment efforts. Registered departments are also included in a searchable, online database of programs. Young people can use the National Junior Firefighter Program to find a local program, learn what it means to be a junior firefighter, and track their hours of service.

Learn more about the National Junior Firefighter Program at www.nvfc.org/juniors.


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