National Fire Academy to Introduce Fire Corps to Students

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

National Fire Academy staff member Woody Stratton introduces the Fire Corps video Citizens Helping Fire & EMS to students.

Beginning on March 20, the United States Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy will introduce its students to the Fire Corps program in an effort to encourage them to get citizen volunteers involved in their fire department to perform non-emergency tasks.

Students will be presented with a letter from Fire Administrator Kelvin Cochran and a Fire Corps brochure. In the letter, Cochran describes the diverse responsibilities of fire departments and how Fire Corps can “hold some exciting solutions to current and future challenges facing our nation’s fire services.”

The promotion of Fire Corps at the National Fire Academy is a great way for departments to learn about the program and its benefits. “All across the country, fire departments are being asked to do more with increasingly limited resources,” observed Acting Fire Corps Director Sarah Lee. “Fire Corps is a cost-effective opportunity for departments to maintain or increase valuable community services such as public education, smoke alarm installations, home safety checks and more, by simply creating opportunities for non-emergency responders.”

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