1-800-FIRE-LINE Sets New Records in 2009

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

In 2009, many local departments and state associations made recruitment campaigns a priority, often utilizing 1-800-FIRE-LINE as a main component. This factor, among others, is responsible for significant growth in calls made to the toll-free number in the past year. This national recruitment hotline allows community members to call from anywhere in the country to learn about both emergency and non-emergency (Fire Corps) volunteer opportunities in the fire and emergency services in their area.

In 2009, the total number of calls made to 1-800-FIRE-LINE exceeded 7,000, which breaks the previous record of 5,971 calls made in 2007. Oregon led the way in 2009 with over 1,000 calls, but Idaho, Louisiana, and Michigan also had high call volumes with over 700 calls apiece. Thirteen states received over 100 calls.

Your Fire Corps program can help recruit emergency and non-emergency volunteers for your department through 1-800-FIRE-LINE simply by advertising the campaign in your area. Take advantage of this free resource by hanging or distributing flyers, posting the number on your department’s marquee, and working with local media outlets to run public service announcements (PSAs). Fire Corps has a number of ready-to-use resources available to help you in get the word out, including flyers, PSAs, web site banners, and much more. Click here for more information about marketing 1-800-FIRE-LINE in your community.

The 1-800-FIRE-LINE recruitment campaign is operated nationally by the National Volunteer Fire Council through Fire Corps. Most states have an association which answers the calls made from that state and forwards the prospective volunteer’s information to the nearest department. In states that do not have a 1-800-FIRE-LINE answering point, the Fire Corps national office handles the requests. To find out who answers the calls in your state, send an email to Kari Wood at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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