Organize Activities to Help the Gulf Coast Clean-up Effort

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Gulf Coast oil spill is an environmental disaster that will negatively impact the region for decades. Fire Corps teams across the nation can assist in the clean-up effort by collecting a resource most everyone possesses – hair.

Hair naturally attracts oil and is ideal for filtering the pollutant out of water. Hair clippings are stuffed inside of nylons to create what are called hair booms. Salons and pet groomers across the country have taken action by collecting clippings and sending them to organizations such as Matter of Trust; an organization that produces the hair booms and sends them to the Gulf Coast.

Fire Corps teams can coordinate with salons and groomers within their community to set-up a donation system. Fundraising events could also be a great way to get citizens involved in the relief effort. Educate them on how something as simple as hair can help reverse the damage done by the oil spill and hold “hair drives” in conjunction with local salons where patrons (and pets!) can get their hair cut for a cause. Nylons can also be collected to accompany hair donations.

Simple volunteer efforts can go a long way in helping the Gulf Coast region recover from this debilitating disaster.

To learn more about how you can donate hair, human or animal, or to find out additional ways to assist, visit or call 415-242-6041.

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