New State Advocate Emails Now Available to Fire Corps Programs

Tuesday August 17th, 2010

The Fire Corps State Advocate Network assists local fire/EMS departments who are establishing or implementing a Fire Corps program. The purpose of the Fire Corps State Advocate Network is to harness the energy of the Fire Corps program at the state and local level by sharing resources and information to make local, state, and national Fire Corps efforts better and stronger.

State Advocates serve as the point of contact to departments and Fire Corps programs within their assigned geographic areas. These representatives assist the Fire Corps national office in promoting the program and help new and existing programs expand their services.

Official Fire Corps emails have been created to help facilitate communication between programs and State Advocates.

Contact your Fire Corps State Advocate with questions about your program or for information about how to start a Fire Corps program. Inform your State Advocate of your successes or upcoming activities so they may share your news with the Fire Corps national office and throughout your state.


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