Learn How to Enhance Your Department’s Services through Fire Corps

Thursday, 04 November 2010

Is your department facing increased responsibilities with limited resources? Do you wish you could provide more services for your community, but simply don’t have enough time or personnel to focus on these new efforts? Then Fire Corps may be the solution! A new course offered during the VCOS Symposium in the Sun on Friday, November 12 from 1:00-2:15 pm will show you how you can develop a program that utilizes community members to perform non-emergency tasks and increase the capacity and services of your fire/EMS department.

The course – Fire Corps: Starting a Program to Enhance Your Department’s Services – is designed to provide guidance to fire chiefs and municipal officials on how to start a Fire Corps program in their community. Fire Corps connects community members to the department to perform non-operational functions such as fire prevention and safety activities, grant-writing, administrative support, public relations, and much more. This allows first responders to focus on training and response activities while still enabling the department to enhance and expand their services.

Taught by Eddie Buchanan, Division Chief of the Hanover County (VA) Public Safety Department, the course will introduce you to Fire Corps, provide ideas on how Fire Corps can help your department, and take you through the steps of establishing a community support program in your department. Learn how your department can provide additional services by utilizing the support and skills of those it serves.

Fire Corps is a federally-funded program under the Citizen Corps initiative, which is a national grassroots effort to help communities prevent, prepare for, and respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. It is administered on a national level by the National Volunteer Fire Council in partnership with the International Association of Fire Chiefs and many other organizations that make up the National Advisory Committee. Learn more about Fire Corps, and take the workshop on November 12 to get Fire Corps started in your department.

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