Attend FC-100: Introduction to Fire Corps Online Training Session

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fire Corps will host an online training webinar covering FC-100: Introduction to Fire Corps. This is the first online course of the new Fire Corps Academy, which is a series of curricula and resources designed to assist Fire Corps program managers, department leaders, and volunteers who wish to start, expand, and/or participate in a Fire Corps program. Details regarding the date and time of the webinar will be released soon.

FC-100 provides insight to fire chiefs, department leaders, municipal officials, and others about the fundamentals of Fire Corps and the benefits it can bring to a department and community. Taught by Warren Sprecher, Arizona State Advocate, this is the first of a series of courses that comprise the Fire Corps Academy. Both FC-100 and FC-200: Growing a Fire Corps Program were piloted at in-person sessions in late 2010. More courses will be introduced in the coming months, both online and in-person.

Stay tuned for an official email invitation to participate in the FC-100: Introduction to Fire Corps webinar, including date, time, and registration information. Participation is limited to 30 attendees, but additional course offerings will be available throughout the year.

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