On Fire for Faith (FFC) Fire Corps is a lifesaving ministry that provides support to local fire departments and provides prevention education in the community. The program is based in Eastern Ohio but has no geographical boundaries. 

FFC is made up of volunteers recruited from church groups, youth leadership programs, community organizations, and government entities. FFC is a vehicle that allows the average citizen to provide support to the fire service while reaching out to the community. Husband and wife team Candice and Travis McDonald head the FFC while three program coordinators (all volunteer) carry out the overall goals of the program. 

Fire Corps Health and Nutrition Program Coordinator Yvette Graham, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, supports the mission of the National Volunteer Fire Council’s Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program by educating fire service families on how to eat healthy on a budget. Through collaboration with Ohio State University, income-eligible firefighters and their families can attend a series of classes from the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program to learn how to eat healthy in an affordable manner. Participants prepare food at each class and receive small tokens for attendance. “The cost of feeding a family well is high, and balancing meals can be tiring.  This program will give you new ideas for healthy, economical cooking and eating,” said Graham.

Fire Corps Senior Program Coordinator Roberta Dunk is helping senior citizens support their local fire departments through food preparation for trainings and events.Dunk, who proudly notes that she IS a senior citizen, says, “Volunteering helps keep you mentally and physically healthy. You have a chance to belong to a group and make new friends.”

FFC also focuses on community safety and prevention initiatives. Junior Fire Corps representative Madi Definbaugh is spreading the word of safety by serving as the youth prevention officer and is using the prevention curriculum provided by the Fire Corps national office as an education model.

Additionally, On Fire for Faith Fire Corps and Columbiana County Recorder Craig Brown have developed a partnership to support local volunteer fire departments in Columbiana County through the distribution of Brown Bear stuffed animals to volunteer EMS providers to comfort to pediatric patients.

To learn more, contact Candice McDonald at (330) 831-2867. 

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