Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department (GSVFD) is a member of the Fairfax County (VA) Fire & Rescue Department, located just outside of Washington, DC. The department was founded in 1966 and its Fire Corps program was launched in 2009.  

Thanks to the community and fundraising efforts led by 20 Fire Corps members and 60 volunteer department members, GSVFD has been able to provide funding for the station, engines, truck, medic, ambulances, canteen, and utilities along with other equipment and services needed to help support both career and volunteer crews at one of the county’s busiest stations.   

GSVFD Fire Corps members operate one of several canteen units in Fairfax County. Known as CAN422 (Canteen 422) and the smaller CAN422B (Bravo), they provide much needed refreshment on major incident scenes and special events for both fire/rescue and police personnel. It's a great way for Fire Corps members to see the action, meet a wide range of people, and feel appreciated (everyone loves the Canteen!).  Fire Corps members are dispatched via text message when needed, and volunteers usually run at least one or two calls a month.  

Fundraising is a large component of the GSVFD Fire Corps. Members actively manage and coordinate a weekly Bingo event, the annual shrimp and crab feast, yard sales, breakfast with Santa, and various other fundraising and community events. Members are always willing to try new fundraising ideas and look for products or services with the widest possible appeal. They have found that branding products and services has had a positive impact on sales since the public is eager to support the department. From hot sauce and firehouse custom roast coffee to T-shirts, clocks, and handmade bird houses, the department will consider a multitude of fundraising opportunities.  

For the most recent fundraising campaign, GSVFD partnered with the woodworkers from the local senior community center to build patriotic Uncle Sam yard ornaments. The "Sams" were handmade by seniors at Greensprings Woodworking Shop and donated to the department to be sold as part of its yearly fundraising effort. All the proceeds from the sale of a "Sam" went directly to support the GSVFD’s operational needs. The seniors who spent hundreds of hours making the “Sams” were honored with an award of appreciation and made honorary Fire Corps members.

Fire Corps and volunteer members provide thousands of hours each year to help keep GSVFD running. Members provide community outreach during events like the annual Fire Prevention Week Open House. Last summer, the department partnered with a local farmers’ market to provide fire safety and prevention displays and offer free blood pressure checks. These events proved to be a great opportunity to connect with residents and the community while simultaneously passing along valuable information.   

The success of GSVFD can be directly linked to continued support from its volunteers. Their hard work and dedication have helped to enhance the community’s emergency services. To learn more about the Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department and Fire Corps program, visit their web site at or contact Rick Machado This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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