The Mesquite (TX) Fire Corps’ mission is to augment & compliment the Mesquite Fire Department. Mesquite’s 14 Fire Corps members support the department’s activities and receive training appropriate to their duties. Their responsibilities include:

  • Emergency Personnel Rehab: assist emergency personnel during major events by establishing a REHAB sector to provide rest, hydration, nourishment, and medical evaluation.
  • Disaster Response Assistance: serve as trained volunteers during a disaster/mass casualty event to assist incident command, volunteer services, logistics, etc.
  • Property Securement Team: assist residents in securing property during residential structure fires or disasters.
  • Special Events/Public Education: assist with public education displays and at special events where fire department has an educational/promotional role.

Fire Corps members recently provided critical support to the City of Mesquite in search and recovery efforts during a flash flood that claimed one life. Mesquite officials praised the regional cooperation during the rescue efforts, noting that, “it is unfortunate it takes such events to highlight the importance of regional response teams, but it is during such times that we also find the value of that service. No one city can provide for all of the resources needed to meet all hazards, which is why we are stronger and more effective working together than we are as individual communities.”

Mesquite Fire Corps and surrounding Citizen Corps programs in North Central Texas, including the City of Rowlett Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), made such a positive impression on the Mayor and City Council members during the flood that the Mesquite City Council passed Resolution No. 17-2008 on April 7. The resolution endorsed regional emergency planning and response, officially recognized agencies that willingly offered a helping hand, and encouraged other entities to continue to support regional planning and preparedness initiatives in North Central Texas.

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City of Mesquite Fire Corps Program provides support to first responders searching for a young drowning victim.

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