Layton City Fire Department (FD) is located north of Salt Lake City, UT, and serves a population of approximately 70,000. The Fire Corps program is new to the department, but it has quickly grown to 42 members. Recently, the department began two separate initiatives within their Fire Corps program: a rehabilitation program for department personnel at emergency scenes and a series of public education presentations.

For the Fire Corps rehabilitation (rehab) program, Layton City FD recruited from its retired and past members, many of whom began serving the department up to 40 years ago as volunteer firefighters. The department felt that these former firefighters would best understand the need for the program. They converted a 1997 ambulance into a rehab vehicle, called Rehab 51, which allows Fire Corps members to respond to emergency incidents and provide important rehabilitation services to the first responders.

Recruiting retired firefighters has proven beneficial to both the department and the volunteers. At the conclusion of the first meeting, one of the Fire Corps members expressed his enthusiasm for the program, saying, “Thanks for doing this. It feels good to be involved again.”

The second Fire Corps initiative is within the public education area of the fire department. Layton City FD approached the drama clubs of the two high schools within its jurisdiction and asked them to join Fire Corps. The department believed that the members of the drama clubs could add value by participating in presentations with department personnel at fire safety assemblies at the local elementary schools. Both drama clubs responded enthusiastically and are helping to write the curriculum. They will also assist with making the props for the presentations, in addition to joining department personnel in delivering the materials during the assemblies.

For more information on the Layton City FD Fire Corps, contact Dean Hunt at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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