The Estacada Rural Fire District covers 88 square miles located approximately 30 miles southeast of Portland, OR. The District has 50 personnel (12 career, 38 volunteer) and runs approximately 1,300 alarms each year. Its Fire Corps program was formed in July 2005 with all of its initial members originating from the department’s Community Emergency Response Team. Currently, Estacada has 12 active Fire Corps members.

General duties performed by all Fire Corps members include: fire prevention and life safety education, participation at public relations events, rehabilitation services during emergency scenes, traffic control, and assistance with food preparation. Fire Corps members often participate in additional activities such as providing public information, assisting with the chaplaincy program, helping with fire investigations, and performing fire and life safety inspections.

Fire Corps members at Estacada are completely integrated into the department’s volunteer program. Just like the volunteer firefighters, they receive reimbursement for response expenses, have a uniform allowance, participate in the Length of Service Award Program, and attend the annual Fire District banquet, picnics, and other events. Fire Corps members are also permitted to hold office within the Estacada Volunteer Firefighter’s Association.

Fire Corps members are selected through an application process which includes an interview and background check. Once accepted into the program they are assigned a mentor and given a task book that contains the training and skills needed to perform the basic Fire Corps functions.

The Estacada Rural Fire District holds its Fire Corps members to high standards. They are required to take several training courses, including hazardous materials awareness/operations, CPR, and basic first aid. Fire Corps members must also attend at least three drills and two Fire Corps team meetings each quarter.

Bob Morrisey, Division Chief for the Estacada Rural Fire District, praises the ability of his Fire Corps members to rise to the challenge and meet the department’s strict requirements. “We have had absolutely no problem with our Fire Corps personnel meeting these requirements. In fact most of them attend all the Wednesday drills and all the Fire Corps training. Many also come to the station to answer phones or questions from the public when our firefighters are called on an alarm.”

“Our Fire Corps is an invaluable resource for us,” continued Morrisey. “We are very proud of all the people that serve the Estacada Rural Fire District.”

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