The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department’s Fire Corps program, known as the Support Services Division, began in 2007 with three community volunteers who were committed to helping the fire department and its members. The volunteers had little more than a canopy, a few chairs, two coolers for bottled water, and the desire to lend a hand. Today, the division has 12 members and even has its own vehicle that responds to all of the department’s structure fires and vehicle accidents involving entrapment.

The Support Services Division received a 1986 Snap-on truck in July 2008 to be used as a rehab/command vehicle, but it needed a lot of work before it was ready for action. Division volunteers implemented a design plan that completely transformed the vehicle’s interior, raising the funds for materials from private donations and grants. The vehicle was placed into service after 90 days, but improvements continued for over a year. Finally, in October 2009 the vehicle’s newly finished interior was unveiled to department members during their monthly business meeting.

In addition to providing rehab services, division members actively participate in the department training programs as well as their own monthly training to ensure everyone is on the same page. This includes courses in emergency vehicle operations and area of incident command and scene safety.

Some division members are also certified under department policy to operate fire apparatus and support vehicles. This increases the department’s capabilities, especially when additional assets are needed but firefighters are committed to other functions.

Other activities of the Fire Corps team include assisting the department with fundraising, public education, and even social functions such as helping with a firefighter’s wedding or assisting the family of a firefighter who is sick or injured.

To learn more about the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department’s Support Services Division, contact Dave Caulfield at 865-437-6351 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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