Cherryville Fire DepartmentNumber of Fire Corps Citizen Advocates: 47
Fire Chief: Jeff Cash

Cherryville Fire Department located in Cherryville, North Carolina is located in the northwestern corner of Gaston County. Their small rural fire district covers 4 square miles serving a population of 5361 people. The fire department consists of one station operated by a full-time staff consisting of a Fire Chief, Fire Marshall, Administrative Assistant, three Captains, and three Driver/Engineers. The success of the department relies on the volunteer roster consisting of three volunteer Assistant Chiefs, four Lieutenants, and twenty five Firefighters.

Every program the Cherryville Fire Department offers is derived from a team approach to offer the best services to our community. Within the past five years we have improved necessary training, equipment, and development of programs to offer our citizens. All fire prevention efforts have been emphasized to the younger generation and the senior citizens; the two largest risk groups to suffer from fire. We have two certified Fire and Life Safety Educators, along with eight certified fire instructors to utilize within our department.

We perform programs that reach over 3000 citizens each year. We dedicate the most allowable time to train and enhance every operation and all personnel.

We welcome any citizen who has something to offer that will enhance our department to volunteer. We need volunteers in every aspect. Senior citizens can help derived new ideas for existing or creating new programs. Technical assistance is needed to develop computer programs to eliminate time consuming procedures. Citizens well versed in grant writing could be a tremendous help. Children of all ages could donate time to assist with programs and develop ideas for better education environments. We welcome anyone with any type of service.

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