Surprise Fire DepartmentNumber of Fire Corps Citizen Advocates: 70

Volunteer Coordinator: Renee Hamblin

The Surprise Fire Department is a full-service organization that provides Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials Response, Fire Prevention Services and Community Educational Services to one of the fastest growing communities in the Southwest. The Surprise Fire Department provides its residents, businesses, and visitors a high level of safe protection against the loss of life and property.

This task, as it relates to explosive growth the City has experienced, means dramatic increases in calls for emergency services. This growth also increases demands for non-emergency and new services we provide. The organization is striving to plan and be prepared to meet the needs of the future.

The Surprise Fire Department has several opportunities for members of the community to take part in. They include:

Alternative Response Van
Assisted by the Fire Department Chaplain, the volunteer-staffed AR van accompanies fire and police personnel to traumatic events throughout the entire West Valley, offering reassurance and resources to those left suffering in the wake of accidents, deaths and violent crimes. So far some 50 volunteers have been through the intensive AR training classes, yielding enough to staff the van Friday through Sunday, though the goal is round-the-clock service.

Public Education
The Public Education Unit offers community members the opportunity to assist with conducting city and community events planned throughout the year. Volunteers will assist with displays at events, develop props for education programs and perform clerical duties in the office.

Fire Prevention - Inspection
The Fire Prevention Unit offers specially trained community members the opportunity to assist with conducting inspections throughout the city. Volunteers will assist staff inspectors with annual business inspections, schools inspections and special events.

For more information on these programs please contact Renee Hamblin at 623-815-5400.


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