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Shallotte (NC) Fire Department

Ten years ago the Shallotte Fire Department was a failing institution. The volunteer department received a poor rating from the Insurance Services Organization causing an increase in insurance for properties in town and distrust among residents and property owners.

The town quickly pulled together in an effort to revamp the fire department. Several full-time firefighters were hired to strengthen the department’s roster and the fire chief also worked double duty as the fire marshal. Additionally, a regional fire training center was developed to provide local training opportunities. As the fire department continued to improve, funding was secured for a new state-of -the-art facility that opened in March 2010.

The citizens of Shallotte played an important role in helping the department undergo its impressive transformation. A team of Fire Corps volunteers was developed to assist in non-emergency operations and create a connection between Fire/EMS departments and the community.

These volunteers provide assistance in a variety of areas such as bookkeeping, administrative work, fundraising, grant writing, and public education. Members of the Fire Corps maintain the necessary training needed to benefit services offered to the community. Certain members are able to provide traffic control and those with medical and fire protection training can be deployed during mass casualty incidents and natural disasters. All Fire Corps members dedicate four hours per week to an on-duty shift schedule and training.

Through a lot of hard work and the support of citizen volunteers, the Shallotte Fire Department was able to rewrite its own history. What a difference a decade makes.

For more information on the Shallotte Fire Corps, contact Chief Paul Denwell at 910-754-6262.