Established in 2007, the Victoria Civilian Fire Academy Alumni Association, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with 34 citizen volunteers. This registered Fire Corps program is an extremely active and dedicated group.

Alumni participate in a myriad of activities and offer many services to the community and the fire department, including: Rehab for responders, hurricane evacuation aide, clerical support, and teaching fire prevention and safety in schools and throughout the community. Additionally, volunteers work and train throughout the year with the Office of Emergency Management, the local police department, the sheriff’s office, and the volunteer fire department in areas such as disaster Rehab (including Hazmat situations), vital statistics, CPR, and first aid.

The Victoria Fire Academy Alumni Association is currently developing short demos and programs to take into classrooms to educate younger school children on fire safety and prevention. Volunteers are also working with the Victoria Senior Citizens Center to donate and install smoke alarms for seniors in need. In addition, a “Victoria’s Fire Symposium” is being organized so area volunteer firefighters can participate in lectures and hands-on training opportunities.

The Alumni have been successful raising funds to support their projects. Last year they were able to give over $10,000 for scholarships to Fire Academy students, a ceremonial bell presented to the Victoria Fire Department Honor Guard, and sponsorship of the 2010 Civilian Fire Academy.

The Victoria Fire Academy Alumni Association was recently recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to the community at a Victoria Generals’ semi-pro baseball game.

Victoria is one of the oldest cities in Texas and is rich in history. Baseball as a pastime in Victoria County dates to the latter quarter of the nineteenth century, and several teams have come and gone over the years. The “Victoria Generals” are the latest semi-pro team to keep this beloved tradition alive and thriving in Victoria.

The Victoria Generals have always embraced the community. Each home game is dedicated to different individuals or groups that have made a difference in the community. On July 31, the Generals dedicated their game to the Victoria Civilian Fire Academy Alumni. It was announced that the Victoria Fire Corps had gone above and beyond their mission to assist the Victoria Fire Department by being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always ready to Rehab first responders and firefighters at fires and disaster scenes and teaching fire safety education and prevention to the community.

A member of the Alumni organization played the part of Sparky the Fire Dog at the game and threw out the first pitch. Since all firefighters, both volunteer and career, were able to attend the game for free, Sparky received an enthusiastic cheer when his pitch was successfully thrown over the plate. The players and their mascot “Buck-Shot” signed Sparky’s ball and generously took pictures with the group.

The Alumni use every opportunity to make the public aware of its association with Fire Corps, and members proudly wear the Fire Corps logo on their shirts. This game was just another example of how the Victoria Fire Corps are able to communicate with the public in a fun and positive way.

For more information about the Victoria Fire Corps program, contact Jeanie Fossati at (361) 648-9648 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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