The Groom Creek Fire Corps program has six dedicated volunteers that support the Groom Creek Fire District, a combination department serving a highly recreational area with a year-round population of 905. In addition to providing administrative assistance for the department, volunteers perform non-emergency response activities such as firefighter rehab and traffic control. Fire Corps volunteers also conduct Firewise assessments to help protect property from falling victim to dangerous Arizona wildfires.

Recently the Groom Creek Fire Corps program received a grant from FM Global Insurance Company that allowed for the purchase of 250 smoke detectors and 9 volt batteries for distribution throughout the community. Along with receiving a free smoke detector, residents benefit from free installation and an on-site fire safety survey performed by firefighters and Fire Corps volunteers. The results of the survey are left with the homeowners along with a fire prevention kit and a smoke detector maintenance brochure.

Since the program began, over 50 smoke detectors have been installed throughout the community. The program will continue until all of the grant-funded smoke detectors are installed.

For more information on the Groom Creek Fire Corps or to participate in the smoke detector program, contact Assistant Chief Manzanedo at 928-778-6519 ext. 102 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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