The Bell and Siren Club of Bloomfield, New Jersey has been a registered Fire Corps program since March of 2006, but their commitment to the community was instituted long before that. The auxiliary dates back to 1949, when it was founded as a non-profit volunteer organization.

The Bell and Siren Club has 25 volunteers who work to provide rehabilitation services at the scenes of multiple alarm incidents to the Newark, East Orange, South Orange, and Bloomfield Fire Departments. In 2006 alone, Bell and Siren volunteers responded to 116 calls and events from their local communities.

At these incidents, Bell and Siren volunteers serve free refreshments of cold and hot drinks, fresh fruit, hot stew, and other provisions from a mobile canteen unit, known as Emergency Field Unit 1 or "the Rig," which is owned by the Club. Operations and upkeep of Emergency Field Unit 1 are financed through membership dues, firefighter donations, and fundraising efforts.

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