Volunteer Coordinator: Cris Leonard
Website: http://www.hanoverfireandems.com

The variables are countless. When we reference our day-to-day, the word "routine" rarely enters the picture. Hanover Fire and EMS has a history dating to 1890 with the formation of the Ashland Volunteer Fire Department. Today, Chief Fred Crosby leads this combination system and team of sixteen fire and rescue stations. The diverse aspects of our county provide a very wide array of challenges. Eastern Hanover has been somewhat engulfed by suburbia while the Western (rural) end of our county still harbors a great deal of livestock. Our firefighters and medics cover more than five hundred square miles and serve our population of roughly 95,000. Our Capital area municipality has a small airport, a private college, a very busy major theme park, a heavily trafficked interstate highway thoroughfare, growing industrial areas and several rivers influencing quite a mix of emergency calls.

Hanover Fire and EMS indeed has some success with non-operational volunteers. We always try to mention tasks and positions citizens might help with when patient care and fire suppression may not be of keen interest to them. Our use of non-operational personnel actually started long ago as an auxiliary (or "ladies auxiliary") arm of some fire companies. An obvious need for additional services led to "enhancing" support roles. Our Emergency Service is a fabulously worthy cause, and yes, more than ever before we run our squads and companies as the real businesses they are. Support services and auxiliary personnel are very beneficial to our team. Many of these volunteers are the family members of our responders and providers and we have a real desire to boost participation in this membership category. Recruiting help with everything from fundraising to data entry to facilities management to information systems is something we work at. Ample help with administrative needs would really allow our field personnel to dedicate more time to training, proficiencies and emergency calls, the most important of our tasks at hand.

Teamwork receives constant focus at Hanover Fire and EMS. Premium service and innovation are targeted daily. Our staffing and response time goals are ambitious and our field personnel are often recognized for extra effort and outstanding performance. Our administrative, operations, training, fire prevention and volunteer services divisions work in harmony to assure a spirited, cohesive and proficient fire and rescue service in Hanover County. A simple motto explains a key goal among our providers and responders - Semper Procinctu! Our non-operational positions are a ready opportunity for citizens to experience the pride, self-satisfaction and rewards saturating this American tradition. Join today!

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