At the Macomb Township Fire Department, one person can always be counted on to have a camera in hand – Claudette Ginter. Ginter’s flair for photography has been evident since she was a young child, when she received her first photo credit in the second grade. As she grew into an adult, her passion for photography also grew, as did her desire to help others. Today, she is more engaged than ever in photography and uses her talent to assist the Macomb Township Fire Department through its Fire Corps program. Ginter describes her camera as an essential part of her life that "has become an accessory to me like glasses might be to someone who has poor vision."
Ginter was featured in the Macomb Chronicle for her role supporting the local fire department through photography as part of the Fire Corps program. She photographs training sessions, fires, and incidents in order to document the events. The photos are then used to demonstrate training techniques, show the destructive nature of fires, and aid in the department’s cause and origin investigations. Several of her snapshots are currently being considered for use in a nationally distributed fire service magazine.
In addition to documenting the department’s activities, Ginter occasionally accepts jobs taking still shots and creating virtual tours for the real estate industry. She also acts as the photographer for the activities of her four children, including volunteering to take backstage and rehearsal photos for her daughter’s school drama club.
Ginter remains busy with both Fire Corps and other activities, but her efforts are well worth it. Her desire to use her talent to serve the community has greatly benefited her family, the schools, and, of course, the Macomb Township Fire Department. Sergeant Dwayne Thompson praised her work, saying she has "a true love for what she does and genuine dedication to our department."
For more information about the Macomb Township Fire Department, and click the "fire" link.  For more information on Fire Corps and how you or your department can become involved,
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