Charis Preston Hutsler The Alpharetta Fire Corps solemnly celebrates the life and service of Charis Hutsler, a loyal and dedicated member of seven short months.

Charis embodied the spirit of service that the Alpharetta community seeks and fosters. She loved her work with the Alpharetta Fire and Emergency Service more than any other work with which she was involved. From the uniform to driving the big truck, she emoted the enthusiasm which drove her and others to keep striving for more. Charis began as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer and quickly moved into the daily service of Fire Corps. She had also been approved for Fall 2006 admission to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center Fire Academy to become trained and certified as an Alpharetta Volunteer Firefighter.

Charis had many other facets to her high-energy life. She was a private investigator, a real estate and mortgage broker, a jewelry designer and an active member of her community on many fronts. She provided consistent and persistent care to those who had the good fortune to touch her world. Besides being a loving and cherished mother to two grown children, one could say that Charis truly lived the concept of caring and loving for 'all creatures great and small.'

Charis is terribly missed by the Alpharetta Fire Corps, who have vowed to carry on the beautiful and willing spirit that she brought into the Fire Corps family.
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