left to right - Captain Jason Wofford, Mrs. Charlotte Jackson, Firefighters Derrick Mackey and Trent Carpenter

The Cherryville Fire Department Fire Corps Program consists of approximately 40 volunteers who serve the fire department in non-operational response roles. The roles these volunteers engage in are as follows: fundraising, department on- scene photography, computer website service, and grant writing. Our Fire Corps volunteers contribute greatly to the success of the Cherryville Fire Department. There involvement frees up our firefighters to perform firefighting activities as well as participating in on-going training.

One of our outstanding volunteers is Mrs. Charlotte Jackson. She teaches English to the senior class at Cherryville High School and has been involved in the education field for 20 years. She has been honored as teacher of the year. Mrs. Jackson is married and has two children; a son at law school at the University of North Carolina and a daughter at North Carolina State University majoring in engineering. Her capacity within our Fire Corps program is to serve as our grant writer. She helps edit and proof our fire applications with the Fire Act Grant as well as the SAFER Grant. Her major activity, she serves as our grant writer when we apply to foundations on the local and regional level. She continues to help secure grant funding, which enhances our ability to provide a higher level of service for the citizens of our community. She states, "I am not the type of individual to climb ladders, put on breathing apparatus or fight fires; however, I enjoy assisting the fire department with the skills I have learned throughout my career." Mrs. Jackson is an outstanding asset to the Cherryville Fire Department!
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