Jeff decided in 2003 that he wanted a new challenge, to give back to his community. He started a search for some place to volunteer, starting with the Citizen Corps website. He decided that he wanted to help in a fire department, and since this was before the launch of Fire Corps he continued his web search and found Dunn Loring in his neighborhood. Jeff applied and became a member of Dunn Loring in mid-2003, and took on the role of bookkeeper, dedicating over 170 hours of service in the last year.

But Jeff's service is not just measured in his time alone, but in the time of operational firefighters that has been freed up from doing administrative tasks. Dunn Loring's treasurer is a firefighter, and the role of treasurer takes upwards of 400 hours a year to accomplish all of the required tasks. With Jeff's service to the department, the time requirement on the elected treasurer has been cut in half. Because of that reduction she has been able to dedicate more time to training and providing services to the community.

Jeff's dedication has helped him give back to the community, and by making Dunn Loring more efficient he has allowed the whole department to better serve the citizens of the Dunn Loring/Tysons Corner area.
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