Retired Battalion Chief James "Jimmie" Fought (1914-2005) of the Arlington County Fire Department and resident of Arlington, Virginia began his fire service career as a volunteer in the 1930's. In 1943 he was hired by the Arlington County Fire Department as a full-time paid firefighter, advancing through the ranks to become one of the County's first battalion chiefs in 1956.
As a founding member of the Arlington Fire Department Historical Society, a program run today by Fire Corps volunteers, Chief Fought is attributed with helping to launch the formal effort to preserve the history of the Arlington County Fire Department. After his retirement in 1972, Chief Fought remained active in the fire service and within the department, becoming one of the departments most esteemed Fire Corps volunteers, donating his time, knowledge, and expertise to preserving the history of the department. Today, members of the ACFD Historical Society consist primarily of retired career and volunteer firefighters and their families.
Sadly, Arlington is now mourning the great loss of Fire Corps member Chief Fought, who passed away at his home on December 16, 2005 at the age of 91. "His mind stayed sharp, and even after he lost his eyesight a few years back he continued to provide insight and background on the history of the department," says Vincent Del Giudice, also a member of the Historical Society. Dedicated not only to preserving the history of the department but also to passing this history along to future generations, Chief Fought was known for sharing his extensive library of newspaper clippings about fires, as well as his long-standing historical knowledge of the department. Even at the age of 91, Chief Fought continued to play an integral role in the department, a testament to his passion for the fire and emergency services as well as to his commitment as a Fire Corps volunteer.
For more information on the Arlington County Fire Departments' Fire Corps program or on Chief Fought, please contact Vincent Del Giudice at 703-536-5355 or visit the Departments blog at
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