According to USFA, Arkansas has one of the highest numbers of fire related deaths in the US with most of those being young children and the elderly. Johnson County Rural Fire District #1 wanted to change this unfortunate distinction and thus formed its now robust and highly successful Fire Corps program.
The department is very fortunate to have several dedicated Fire Corps members through the University of the Ozarks Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) chapter. Leading Fire Corps is Lori Moon, who is also the PBL chapter President. Lori is a senior marketing major and not only is she a dedicated member of Fire Corps, but is captain of the University's women's basketball team.
Together with the help of the chapter's Community Service Officer, Stacy Counts, Lori has helped form a growing Fire Corps chapter. Comprised of about 60 Phi Beta Lambda students from the University of the Ozarks as well as other local citizens, the Johnson County RFD #1 Fire Corps program represents nine countries. As President of this distinguished Fire Corps program, Lori realizes that not only can they reach those in the US, but those in their representative countries when they go home. Today, these Fire Corps members have donated over 1628 hours, completed 104 hours of public education training, and participated in 126 fire safety, prevention and training activities.
Under Lori's leadership, Johnson County RFD #1's Fire Corps highlights include:
  • Students have learned from the department how to do programming. Now they are self-motivated and doing activities on their own.
  • The department can plan fire safety programs for the future and doesn't have to worry about whether they have enough people to help.
  • The group is cross-trained to ensure there will always be plenty of help.
  • Expansion of Kidsfest Safety Fair. Thanks to her groups marketing and promotion skills, the event was four times as big as the previous year.
  • Most importantly, in 2005 alone, the department has presented and been involved in 83 fire safety programs and activities. This would not have been possible without Fire Corps.

Thanks to Lori Moon and her fellow University of the Ozarks students, Fire Corps has officially become a Phi Beta Lambda community service project in Arkansas. Today, Lori is leading the initiative to make Fire Corps a national Phi Beta Lamda service project, bringing this invaluable group of PBL volunteers to the rest of the nation.
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